In November of 2020, Cincinnati played host to the Mission Treasure hunt—a historical-themed hunt with a $25,000 prize (funded by a per-team entry fee) to the first team to solve the mystery and recover a box hidden somewhere in the city. Following some initial background information, the hunt began on a Friday evening. We pored over the information relentlessly, solving progressive clues until we had arrived at the final treasure grounds (Mt. Storm Park) ~24 hours later. However, we were unable to retrieve the treasure before the park closed for the night. We returned back to our notes, and finally certain of the exact location, returned when the park opened before sunrise the following morning and successfully retrieved the treasure.



In May of 2021, nearby Fort Wayne, IN held a similar, entry-fee funded treasure hunt. With boots on the ground and some remote help from teammates, we solved all the clues and recovered the treasure in less than 48 hours—and learned a TON about Fort Wayne history in the process. An incredible experience, after which they invited us back to take on a few of their escape rooms, which were also great—check them out if you're in the neighborhood!

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We began working on The Tribute (a tribute to Byron Preiss' The Secret) in late 2021. In early 2022 we ultimately decided to move away from the hunt (given that it requires digging, which is prohibited at the location we believe the treasure is buried). We published our theory in depth HERE in the hopes that it could benefit the hunt (and the pipe dream that—should someone find the casque with our theory—they might be willing to share the prize!).

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